Important next year’s subscriptions

To all members of Buckingham & District U3A

At a committee meeting of Buckingham & District U3A in July 2020, it was decided that in the light of the coronavirus lockdown having deprived us of most of our opportunities for meeting up, we would roll all membership subscriptions made for 2019-20 over to also cover the year 2020-21.

Could you therefore please cancel your standing order for the coming year and apply for it to start again on 1st October 2021.

Please do this promptly, as if you forget, we will have to deem any inadvertent over-payments to be donations, as the admin involved in refunding payments will be too time-consuming. If you normally pay by bank transfer or cheque, this will not be a problem.

New Membership Cards for the year 2020-2021 will be sent out on 1st October. If you do not receive one, it may be because you forgot to pay for the current year. If so, I would be happy to process your payment and put it into next year.

All new memberships will be processed and charged as normal.

Best regards,


Lorna Joy – Membership Secretary

URGENT!! New officers required for YOUR U3A

The committee needs you.

Chairman – Martin Paul  finishes his term this year. Lilia Bogle (VC) will take over so we need a new Vice Chair person

The Secretary – Cliff Dammers is retiring. Dorothy Morgan has agreed to take over

The Membership Secretary – Lorna Joy is retiring, but is willing to mentor someone.

The Newsletter Editor – Carolina Kenealy is retiring

Please consider what you can do to help!!

Now is YOUR chance to make a difference.

Contact any committee member if you want more information see Contact Us


Zoom Open Meetings

See Open Meetings for information and updates

The meetings are accessed by clicking on or pasting the link into your browser.  No registration, passwords or downloads are required.  The meeting will open from 2.15, Please mute your microphone unless you have something to say

If you have not received your invitation email from your Group Coordinator, please email Roland directly

Ignore the prompts to download,

“If you have Zoom Client installed, launch meeting. Otherwise, download and run Zoom.”
Click on “Launch meeting” and the following message will appear
“If you cannot download or run the application, join from your browser.”
Click on “Join from your browser”

Although the audience will be muted during the meetings, you can use the ‘Chat’ box (found at the bottom of the Zoom screen) to ask questions.

I’m sure we’ll all enjoy the show.