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New Groups Information

Hello all, just to tell you that we have several new groups either starting up or re-starting, that might be of interest. Take a look at the New Groups page: we have Environmental, Tai Chi, and Jazz Appreciation, as well as Calligraphy, along with 3Bs Radio.

BU3A Current Affairs Group – Relaunch

Buckingham U3A Current affairs group will relaunch on Tuesday 5th December 2023 at 10am in the Vinson Building cafe area at Buckingham University.

The session scheduled for 1 hour will focus on a specific topic with a topic lead, and it is anticipated that each member will have the opportunity to lead on a topic.

Anyone  interested in joining the group can contact the group joint coordinators; Steve Graham and Gerry Loftus at their email address.  Further details can be seen on our Groups listing which is here.

U3A Festival July 2024 in York

The Third Age Trust are organising a national U3A Festival to take place in York from 18-20th July 2024. More information on the Festival website, it is residential with a choice of attending all days or just one or two.  There will be many activities and workshops held over the 3 days.