New / Proposed Groups

Shown below are  details of the latest groups being proposed

Questions about your group or about opening a new group should be made to:
Steve Heywood – Group Liaison Officer


Group Name



 French for Beginners  Steve Heywood- Email
Reading Latin
Perhaps you already know quite a bit of Latin and would
like to tackle the literature straightaway?
Or even have a go at some ‘Unseens’?
It is hoped to start a new Group called ‘Reading Latin’
to enable you to do this. What are we going to read?
That is up to you, we will decide when we get together.
Sessions could be weekly or fortnightly in ‘terms’
 Steve Watkins
07900 955149.
Greek for Beginners
Would you like to learn Classical Greek? It is hoped to start a new
beginners’ group to enable you to read Greek Literature such as Homer,
Sophocles, Thucydides or even Plato. Note that this is Classical Greek, not
New Testament Greek; New Testament Greek classes are already in progress,
but not with the U3A.
The book that we shall use will be Wilding ‘Greek for Beginners’ or,
depending on the numbers, this may be my own course.
It is intended to hold the classes weekly with a break for ‘terms’.
 Steve Watkins
07900 955149.
Are you interested in forming a new calligraphy group?
Have you done it before?
Could you teach others?
Are you interested in giving it a try?
We would learn how to write with dip pens
and then hopefully produce cards, wall hanging etc.
If so please contact me and I will take it forward.
There is already someone willing to be the Co-ordinator,
so we just need people and a venue!
Steve Heywood – Group Liaison Officer
Hoping to restart the Guitar group.
Keith Norman
Spanish for Beginners
Volunteer needed in order for this group to start
Steve Heywood
Ukulele Group 2
Please contact if you would like to form another ukulele group.
Steve Heywood
Current Affairs Steve Heywood
Cooking Steve Heywood
Antiques & Collectables

Almost there – see

Mosaics – If you are interested and willing to lead – Steve Heywood
New Ukulele Group – If you are interested and willing to lead – Steve Heywood


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