New / Proposed Groups

Shown below are details of the latest groups being proposed:

If you are proposing to start a new group, if possible please use the form from this page – download, complete, and return it to the Group Liaison Officer.  Email

The page on the linked Menu  “Starting a New Group” outlines the process to follow.

Note: Make sure to outline in your proposal how your group fits into our charitable objectives of providing educational activities and opportunities for people, in accordance with our affiliation to the Third Age Trust.  If in doubt, please ask the Group Liaison Officer for guidance.

You can see the up to date Groups Listing on Simple Membership to see how others are set up.

New Group Proposal Form ( PDF)

New Group Proposal Form (Word)

Note: if you are about to start a new group you will also need to consult this page for the GC Handbook and other important documents to read.  They can all be downloaded as PDFs.

Jazz Appreciation

Enough members are showing interest to revive this group which was run by Derek Morgan, yet we would like a few more to join us.    The basic idea is to spend a couple of hours on the first Monday of each month enjoying listening to and discussing jazz – nothing too academic or difficult. Members can bring ideas of what they would like to hear and describe how and why they like their selections.   The meetings will be at the co-ordinators home in Buckingham.  Anyone interested in joining is welcome to email the co-ordinator for more information.

Tai Chi – 2nd Group

Our first Tai Chi group has been very successful and is now over-subscribed for the Friday meeting.  A 2nd group is due to start on Tuesday 18th June.  The group will practise a set of Tai Chi moves for improving flexibility, balance, and for relaxation.   Fraser is a previous student of Taoist Tai Chi and has a shortened set of 66 linked moves that he regularly carries out and is happy to lead others in learning this set which focuses on gentler moves emphasising flexibility, balance and a flowing sequence.

Please contact Fraser Winterbottom via the Group email, if you are interested in joining the 2nd group.

Calligraphy 2:

There are now enough people to start a second Calligraphy group.  However a group-leader is urgently needed.   If you have experience of Calligraphy and are happy to help others learn and develop their Calligraphy skills, or if you would be prepared to organise the group – there are lots of online tutorials available e.g. here or here please contact the Group Liaison Officers by email.  Two or more people could organise the group together, it’s not limited to one applicant!

Community Radio

Group Leader Howard Mordue
Contact:- Phone Number 01280 815418
Brief synopsis of group activity
To establish a U3A one hour programme per week on the community 3Bs radio station. It will be via a rota and full training will be given on how to use the equipment, which includes a database of music, sound bites and interviewing guests. If you are interested in this group, please contact the group leader. Email

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