Open Meetings

All Open Meetings cancelled until further notice due to the Coronavirus shutdown!

However Zoom meetings are now available.

Each month we will send out a Zoom link via the GC’s but anybody can email for a direct response.

Meetings take place at 14:30 in the Community Centre, Cornwalls Meadow, Buckingham, MK18 1RP on the following Wednesdays.

You can view a map of the location

Please watch this space in case of last minute changes! 

Meeting starts at 2.15pm

27th January – Sarah Slater – a Guide Lecturer for Historic Royal Palaces at Hampton Court Palace will be talking on:

‘Sex, Secrets, Scandal and Salacious Gossip of the Royal Court, 1660 to 1830’

Sarah say’s ‘ I will wear one of my beautiful costumes and talk about all the naughty bits of history you would probably not have learnt about at school! I discuss royal mistresses, prostitution, sexual diseases of the time and the methods used to prevent STD’s and unwanted pregnancies. Warning, this talk is not for the prude, it is fun but rude!

Zoom Link

24th February – David Skillern

Five Years in 50 minutes – An overview of the American Civil War

The American Civil War is viewed as the most significant event in the country’s history. But why did the United States and the Confederate States go to war? In this talk we will explore why and how the American Civil war was fought. Along the way we will visit Bull Run, Gettysburg and Antietam (illustrated with photographs taken by me on these battlefields), meet such legends as Abraham Lincoln, Jefferson Davies and Robert E. Lee and learn how the war produced the United States we know today.

Zoom Link

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