Open Meetings

All Open Meetings cancelled until September 22nd ( all being well) due to the Coronavirus shutdown!

However Zoom meetings are now available.

Each month we will send out a Zoom link via the GC’s but anybody can email for a direct response.

Please watch this space in case of last minute changes! 

Meeting starts at 2.30pm Please mute your microphone when the meeting starts!! Don’t forget EVERYONE can hear your conversation!

Zoom Meetings from May to July 2021


 26th May            Royal Navy Presentation Team

 The Royal Navy Presentation Team provides a dynamic, multi-media presentation aimed at informing and increasing knowledge of the work of the Royal Navy.


 Zoom Link

 23rd June            Alan Haines         Mad Musicians and Crazy Dancers

Mad Musicians and Crazy Dancers is a celebration of the most bizarre music and dancing performers of the last 120 years. It features some archive photos and reveals the fascinating and almost unbelievable stories behind the most unusual musical acts.

 Zoom Link

 28th July            Steve Dimmer       Ooh Matron!  a history of the Carry-on films

 One of the most enduring and popular of film comedies is the Carry On films. 32 films were made between 1958 and 1992 and their reputation for bawdy fun has never disappeared.

Steve Dimmer takes us through the rise of this beloved series, looking at the lives of some of the main players as well as showing clips from some of the most successful.

We’ll also examine why the films began to lose their popularity and the legacy these hilarious comedies have left behind. If you have a funny bone, this talk is definitely for you!

Zoom Link

No Meeting in August

22nd September – We’re back at the Buckingham Community Centre!

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