Open Meetings

All Open Meetings cancelled until further notice due to the Coronavirus shutdown!

However Zoom meetings are now available.

Each month we will send out a Zoom link via the GC’s but anybody can email for a direct response.

Please watch this space in case of last minute changes! 

Meeting starts at 2.30pm Please mute your microphone when the meeting starts!! Don’t forget EVERYONE can hear your conversation!

Zoom Meetings from April to June 2021

28th April           Barbara Mayer             Big Cat Photography

 Wildlife Photography and Its Role In Conservation


Through natural history documentary films and articles in wildlife magazines we are aware that photography is important in view of raising awareness for wildlife and their situation in the wild. Barbara’s talk on wildlife photography will tell you about the role photography has in conservation and how she uses her photography to help the Big Cats as well as British wildlife.

 Zoom Link

 26th May            Royal Navy Presentation Team

 The Royal Navy Presentation Team provides a dynamic, multi-media presentation aimed at informing and increasing knowledge of the work of the Royal Navy.


 Zoom Link

 23rd June            Alan Haines         Mad Musicians and Crazy Dancers

Mad Musicians and Crazy Dancers is a celebration of the most bizarre music and dancing performers of the last 120 years. It features some archive photos and reveals the fascinating and almost unbelievable stories behind the most unusual musical acts.

 Zoom Link




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