Square Dancing

Co-ordinator Susie Kelly Susie Kelly
Telephone 01280 816 940
E-mail square.dancing@buckinghamu3a.org.uk
Weekday 2nd & 4th Monday
Time 14.00 – 16.00
Venue Buckingham Athletics Football Club House

About the group

Restart 13th September

I fear that  my position in the Square Dance World  tends to take precedent over everything else in my life.    I have been in the activity for more than 60 years so you will understand it’s importance to me.   This is why I never  volunteer for a committee position  as I am already on several committees internationally   as well  as nationally   and locally.
I’m afraid that out of all the U3A groups ours will be the last to be able to meet.     Sadly we  move fairly briskly which means we  breath a lot,  our form of dance requires us to have 8 people  dancing in a group and touching – hands at least.    World wide  we are having difficulty in meeting  as every country where there is Square Dancing has the same problems we do.   There are some isolated  clubs in the  Australian bush , the American prairies and the Steppes of Russia  where the virus has not taken hold  but in the towns and cities  it is not possible yet.
The best thing that has come out of the Virus is the rise of Zoom meetings  which to me have been such a pleasure and a comfort.   We regularly meet  in Australia  at midnight for educational sessions  and are joined by people from Japan,  USA,  Europe  and all other English speaking countries.   There are others happening  all over the world  every day but  often they are in the middle of the night in Europe   when it’s morning or afternoon in other parts.
It is such a pleasure to ‘meet’   with people whose names we are familiar with ‘on paper’ but have never met in person.    These meetings are pulling us all closer together than ever before  even though our friends in the Buckingham U3A  group  are not allowed to meet by government decree.   In sporting terms we are likened to Judo,  an activity  that is also dependent on close contact  and probably heavy breathing,

I do send out regular emails  and am in closer contact individually with some of our members.   We relish the occasional  encounters in the supermarkets and around the town.  Our return to dancing depends now on the government allowing it  and most importantly our dancers feeling confident meeting in a normal way.   It will be some months yet I’m afraid.    Rest assured I will  let everyone know when  we may start  and keep my fingers crossed that enough of you  are well enough   and interested enough  to join me.
Looking forward to that day
Susie Kelly


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