Square Dancing

Co-ordinator Susie Kelly Susie Kelly
Telephone 01280 816 940
E-mail square.dancing@buckinghamu3a.org.uk
Weekday 2nd & 4th Monday
Time 14.00 – 16.00
Venue Buckingham Athletics Football Club House

About the group

We continue to keep our numbers up and most times we meet with two squares, sometimes three.

We find the Buckingham Athletics club house very comfortable to dance in, with a good floor and excellent facilities. The dancers enjoy a wide variety of Choreographic fun and very kindly try hard to please Simon and myself.

A few of our number have progressed to dancing at our evening club held at Gawcott Village Hall on a Wednesday and one or two even come to Milton Keynes on a Thursday.

Square Dancing can be quite addictive because of its endless variety of moves which can be tailored to suit any age group and any ability level. It also attracts the friendliest people I’m happy to say.

The U3A Square dancers who meet on 2nd and 4th Monday afternoons is one of four groups Simon and I lead in this area. Two in Buckingham and two in Milton Keynes.   In the U3A and the other groups we are part of a world wide organisation where Square Dancing is enjoyed in many countries.   Because the names of the moves can be heard as ‘sounds that mean this or this’   it is also a language which means that, even if the country is not English Speaking,   those sounds can still be understood by dancers.

In Buckingham we have two Town Twinning Associations, one twinned with Mouvaux, near Lille in France and the other with Neukirchen-Vluyn in Northern Germany.   Some years ago we took part in a charming exchange with Mouvaux  where our dancers took part in a Dance Festival over there and we put on a Day of Dance in Buckingham involving  an exchange of dancers from Mouvaux combining with Dance classes from schools in Buckingham.  There was dancing going on all day on that Saturday with a performance in the late afternoon,  by the French dancers and the Buckingham schools, which was enjoyed by the parents and families.
The finale to the weekend was a Barn Dance on the Saturday night which created a great atmosphere and much hilarity getting French visitors  to understand our traditional folk dances.

None of this however was connected with Square Dancing. So I’ve moved on to the German connection  and was able to find,  through the International S.D. Directory,  a Square Dance club in a town next door to our Twin Town.   Having made contact and found a lady in the club who can understand English, plans are now afoot for two Square Dance couples  to join the planned official Twinning visit  at the end of September.  If all goes well we will gather together dancers from all 4 of our dance groups for an informal dance  to welcome the German Square Dance visitors. During the visit we will discuss a proper exchange with, hopefully,  a group of the German dancers visiting Buckingham  in 2018 and the English dancers visiting  the club in Neukirchen-Vluyn a bit later on.

We can but dream on this!!


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