Music For Pleasure


Co-ordinator Derek Morgan
Telephone 01280 813033
Weekday 3rd Wednesday
Time 2:30 to 4:30 pm
Venue House

About the group

The Music for Pleasure group has as its principle the enjoyment of familiar music or music that members may not know.

Meetings are held at Derek Morgan’s house in Buckingham.

At each meeting, a member can volunteer to present a programme of music that they enjoy – classical, jazz, light music, or any other genre, with comment from the presenter and discussion of the music chosen. There is no obligation to do this, you can just listen and enjoy.

Some subjects of meetings earlier this year are listed below. Click on the name to see more details of the music played:

Next meeting  October 20th  Members Choice

For example

January 15th Top10 Composers A selection of their works presented by Derek Morgan

February 19th 2020 Chamber Music through 4 centuries – Bach to Hochman Presented by Peter Franklin

March 18th Group Members Choice

Previous Topics

In the future we plan to arrange visits to concerts etc., and inviting guest speakers or performances.

To join the group, please contact the co-ordinator by phone or email.

Here are links to some local concert venues:

Adderbury Ensemble

The Stables

Music in Quiet Places

Buckingham Summer Festival

Buckingham Choral Society

and if your tastes are less classical and more Jazz then See links to local live Jazz,





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