Co-ordinator Roger Edwards
Telephone 01280 815588
Weekday Friday
Time 14:00 – 16:00 ( April to October only)
Venue Buckingham Town Cricket Ground

About the group

The croquet group meets (weather permitting) from April until October, on Fridays at the Buckingham Cricket Club ground (opposite the fire station on Bourton Road). Play starts at 2.00 p.m. and so it helps to get there a bit before that time so that courts can be set out and playing partners chosen.

No previous experience is required as the game we play, called golf croquet, is a simple game. The main aim is to have an enjoyable social afternoon in the fresh air. We do not play in the rain.

We have a number of mallets available for members’ use and sufficient equipment for three courts. Games last approximately half an hour and two games can be played simultaneously on the same court, so we can play up to 24 games per session with everybody getting to play three games.

The rules for golf croquet are few and simple, so new players can take part without having to learn lots of rules. Two or four people play a game together, either as singles or pairs. The game is played using four coloured balls, each player having one or two balls. Balls are struck in a set order, so each player has a turn. The object of the game is to score points by hitting your ball through a hoop. There are six hoops, each hoop is played in order and the first ball through the hoop scores the point for that hoop. Only one ball is required to pass through a hoop, then play moves on to the next hoop. It is perfectly permissible to knock your opponent’s ball out of the way so the game can become quite vicious at times (in a friendly, Buckingham sort of way).

Once or twice a year we bring in outside coaches to help us improve and we play a couple of friendly matches against local opposition.

The main objective is to have a social afternoon in the fresh air; get a bit of gentle exercise and get better at playing the game.



For further information please contact the Group Coordinator – details above.

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