Creative Writing

Co-ordinator Susie Kelly Susie Kelly
Telephone 01280 816 940
Weekday 1st and 3rd Monday
Time 11:00 – 13:00
Venue House

About the group

We have nine regular members which is an easy number to accommodate both physically round a table and aurally when reading our pieces within the two hour slot we allow ourselves.

We were excited to see that Judith Allnatt is to be included in the Buckingham Literary Festival on the Sunday, giving a talk about creative writing. We are excited because she has agreed to spend a whole day with our group in October.   She lives just outside Northampton  so we have met her several times in the past.   She has written 4 books, all very enjoyable, and the one that received the most attention from the public was “The Poet’s Wife”.   This tells the sad story of the wife of John Clare, the poet from Northamptonshire, who was probably  Bi-polar and therefore, in his time, considered to be mad.  His poor wife had to bring up their children and try to keep the family together even when her husband was put into an asylum in Epping, in Essex.   The BBC have made a film of his crazy walk home, over 90 miles on foot, and his greeting his wife uncomprehendingly, and looking for the previous love of his life. Heart-breaking.  The film was shown recently at the MK Art Gallery with a talk by Judith to explain the story behind it.  She is a good speaker so we can recommend her session in the Buckingham Literary Festival on Sunday 2nd July.

If anyone from other groups would be interested in joining our day with her on Monday 16th October in the Council Chamber, please contact me, you would be very welcome.  That day with her would cost you  £30 I’m afraid but  we will get her undivided attention for 6 hours, the chance to get to know a talented writer and to get advice on how we can improve our own writing skills.

For further information please contact the Group Coordinator – details above.

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