Creative Writing

Co-ordinator Susie Kelly Susie Kelly
Telephone 01280 816 940
Weekday 1st and 3rd Monday
Time 11:00 – 13:00
Venue House

About the group

We have nine regular members which is an easy number to accommodate both physically round a table and aurally when reading our pieces within the two hour slot we allow ourselves.

On Monday November 4th  the Creative writers group had the pleasure  and challenge of an all day, 10am – 4pm,  workshop with Morgen Bailey,   a very busy and skilled Author and writing tutor.
A dozen of us were seated around the Council Chamber table as Morgen gave us advice, helpful hints,   and loads of paper work with examples of ways to stimulate the imagination.   She spoke for about 6 hours  with only two breaks when she gave us exercises  to  try.   Even during the lunch break  she gave us a quiz to solve  with anagrams of famous book titles.
She passed around pictures cut from magazines and told us to pick one or two from each envelope,  men, women and places,   and then put them all together in a story.     She gave us old copies of magazines that are full of short stories  and suggested we look for specific qualities in some of the stories.
At 4 o’clock we all  left the Council chamber in a daze,  our heads so full of information.   Morgen is a lady full of ideas  and information and it was almost too much take on board.   We were full of admiration for her fortitude and  dedication and will look forward to having her visit our group again in the New Year.
The very moderate cost was shared between us all and we all felt she earned every penny .

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