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A Little Humour

A) I am amazed at the number of professions and occupations listed, and B) intrigued and / or mystified by the possible origins of the nouns, (except for the one for professors of course).

None of these however match one I read recently relating to the current trend for on line meetings. The collective noun for people sitting in front of screens engaged in a meeting is a “punnet”. Why? Because they are sat zoomers.

See you next Wednesday for the open meeting.

A troupe of acrobats
A cast, a company, a condescension, a cry
or a queue of actors
A troupe, a flight (male) or a float (female)
of dancers
An entrance of actresses on
A decanter or a decorum of deans
A conflagration of arsonists
A tantrum of decorators
An amalgam, a brace or a wince of dentists
A rash of dermatologists
A tabernacle of bakers
A set or a subtlety of designers
A babble of barbers
A promise of barmen
A doctrine of doctors
A thought of barons
An obstruction of dons
A boast or a wiggery of barristers
An asylum, a fagot or a roll of drummers
A shower of bastards
A pound of Englishmen
A prance of equestrians
A fighting of beggars
A discord or a panel of experts
A bench, a psalter or a sea of bishops
A plush or a rascal of boys
A drift, an exaggeration, a grumble or a sulk
of fishermen
A stalk of foresters
A feast of brewers
A peck of Frenchmen
A shuffle of bureaucrats
A goring of butchers
A talent of gamblers
A draught or a sneer of butlers
A glitter of generals
A slate of candidates
A helix of geneticists
A chapter or a dignity of canons
A conglomerate or a formation of geologists
A company or a syndicate of capitalists
A plane of geometrists
A college of cardinals
A giggle of girls
A gaggle of censors
A lie or a tedium of golfers
A board or a brood of chess players
A slither of gossip columnists
A rookery or a school of clerks
A galaxy of governesses
An alley or a pratfall of clowns
A fortitude of graduate students
A cutting or a drunkship of cobblers
A conjunction of grammarians
A gaggle or a riot of comedians
A nag or a wisdom of grandparents
A colhose of communists
A grope of groupies
A hastiness of cooks
A shrivel of critics
A smear of gynaecologists
A set or a swish of hairdressers
An illusion of magicians
A herd of harlots
A melody of harpists
A rage of maidens
A debauchery of hedonists
A number or a set of mathematicians
An expectation of heirs
A riches of matrons
An observance of hermits
A morbidity of majors
A trip of hippies
A density of meatheads
A clutch or a torque of mechanics
A diligence of messengers
A laughter of hostellers
An amalgamation of metallurgists
A shower of meteorologists
A colony of microbiologists
An expectation of midwives
A slouch of models
A consternation of mothers
A mutter of mothers-in-law
A mug or a reflection of narcissists
A multiply or an unhappiness of husbands
A blur of Impressionists
An imposition of in-laws
A squeal of nieces
A tongue-lashing of interpreters
A freeze of Northerners
A pint of Irishmen
A convent, a murmur, a flap, a superfluity
or a prey of nuns
A wheeze of joggers
A mess or an execution of officers
A scoop or a slant of journalists
A sentence of judges
A neverthriving of jugglers
A brace or a cast of orthopaedists
A damning of jurors
A joint of osteopaths
A banner or a rout of knights
A curse, an illusion or a misbelief of painters
A disputation, an eloquence, an escheat, a greed, a huddle or a quarrel of lawyers
An embarrassment or a persistence of parents
A drift of lecturers
A body of pathologists
A malapertness of pedlars
A catalogue, a stack or a shush of librarians
A meter of percussionists
A confusion or a ponder of philosophers
A billow or a hack of smokers
A flood or a flush of plumbers
A disguising or a proud showing of tailors
An iamb, an obscurity or a rhyme of poets
A promise of tapsters
A quiz of teachers
A lie, an equivocation or an odium of politicians
A glozing of taverners
A converting, a lechery or a mass of preachers
An attitude or a grunt of teenagers
A discretion of priests
A den, a gang or a skulk of thieves
A gang or a pity of prisoners
A wandering of tinkers
A pomposity of professors
A graft of tree surgeons
An unction of undertakers
A complex of psychologists
A sprig of vegetarians
A twaddle of public speakers
A prudence of vicars
A blaze or a conflagration of pyromaniacs
An absence, an indifference or an order of waiters
A series of radiologists
An amble of walkers
A flight of refugees
A pan of reviewers
An ambush of widows
A mêlée of rioters
A coven of witches
An impatience of wives
A sample of salesmen
A rout of schoolboys
A clutch or a crunch of wrestlers
A scolding of seamstresses
A worship of writers
An obeisance of servants
A sodom of shepherds
A posse of sheriffs
A blackening of shoemakers
A crush of shoppers

Urgent Notice: Phishing email

From the U3a National office

We are aware of a phishing email which appears to have been distributed among U3A contacts.
The email will appear to have been sent by someone in your email address list, so someone you probably know.
The email contains a blue box with the word ‘Preview’ in it and wants you to click on it. DO NOT OPEN OR CLICK ON IT.
If you have tried to open it or clicked on it then please let us know so we can help you sort this out.  Please email or call one of our team on 0208 466 6139
Our staff team will note your details and help you accordingly.
The email should be deleted from your inbox and from your deleted folder and you should change your password.
Thank you

Third Age Trust

Zoom Open Meetings

See Open Meetings for information and updates

The meetings are accessed by clicking on or pasting the link into your browser.  No registration, passwords or downloads are required.  The meeting will open from 2.15, Please mute your microphone unless you have something to say

If you have not received your invitation email from your Group Coordinator, please email Roland directly

Ignore the prompts to download,

“If you have Zoom Client installed, launch meeting. Otherwise, download and run Zoom.”
Click on “Launch meeting” and the following message will appear
“If you cannot download or run the application, join from your browser.”
Click on “Join from your browser”

Although the audience will be muted during the meetings, you can use the ‘Chat’ box (found at the bottom of the Zoom screen) to ask questions.

I’m sure we’ll all enjoy the show.


RIP Dusty Roades, former Vice Chairman, Publicity Officer and Quizmaster

Received from Pam Tong

Sadly, Dusty Roades passed away in Northampton General Hospital yesterday of the Corona virus. Dusty was a much-loved member of Buckingham U3A. He served as a Committee Member for a number of years and as Vice-Chairman up until last year. Most members knew him as the man who ran the U3A charity stall and created the fiendishly difficult annual Quiz. Few people knew that he paid for and donated many of the Quiz and raffle prizes himself as well as making the delicious jams, marmalades and pickles for the Charity stall.
He was a member of the Camera Group, Creative Writing Group and the Poetry Group and his writing always contained his unique brand of humour. Outside of the U3A he wrote a number of informative booklets, mainly on folklore and customs and in Scouting circles was awarded the Silver Wolf badge, the highest award for exceptional service. He also paid for the education of two under-privileged Ugandan children and supported the work of the Leprosy foundation.
He was a truly exceptional human being and will be sadly missed by all who knew him.