Book Group 2

Co-ordinator  Julia Morten
Telephone  01280 817601
Weekday 3rd Monday
Time 10:30 – 12:00
Venue No5,  Royal Court, Chandos Rd. Buckingham MK18 1AL
Shadow Coordinator Jean Froude 01280 817427

About the group

We meet on the 3rd Monday of the month at 10.30 – 12 at my flat, 5 Royal Court, Chandos Road, Buckingham , (opposite the entrance to the Royal Latin School, and next door to the Catholic Church).

We are limited to 8 members due to the size of my sitting room.  In the summer we hope to meet in the  gardens to the flats. beside the river.   We have all suggested various books to read and the following list will cover our reading until the end of the year, ranging from crime to religion to  fiction.
Last year we had a good variety of books, some of which we struggled with, such as Ashendon by Somerset Maughan which we found very dated.   We had a brilliant visit to Broughton Castle after we had read “The Music Room” and were allowed to view this room which is not usually available to jo-public, and were amazed how small the room is.    We had to cancel one meeting because of snow, but we hope to discuss the following books this year up to June.
This link will give more information about most of the authors listed below.

January  15th – The Improbability of Love  by  Hannah Rotheschild

February  19th  – The Girl who fell from the Sky by Simon Mawer

March  19th      – Gone  by Min Kim

April  16th         – Old Filth by Jane Gardam Note Change!

May  21st          – Lifting the Latch by Mont Abbott of Enstone as told to Sheila Stewart.    Outing to see the village and eat at the Crown

June 18th           – The  Secret Scripture by Seb. Barry   (winner of the Costa Book award 2008)

Visit to Broughton Castle in June 2017.

We decided to visit Broughton Castle, home of Lord and Lady Saye and Sele, following our reading and discussing The Music Room written by William Fiennes, their youngest son.   Here he describes his  childhood in the idealistic surroundings of the castle and the bravery of his parents looking after his eldest brother who had severe epilepsy.
We started by having lunch at the Saye and Sele pub in Broughton village on the hottest day this summer, which was efficient and good.   Arriving early at the castle entrance we were met for our appointment to view the Music Room, which is in the family’s private quarters, by a charming member of staff.   The Music Room  turned out to be a very small room, off their kitchen and filled with many family pictures and an upright piano!

We then explored the rest of the castle which was really interesting and beautifully furnished.   The family is very old – Geoffrey de Sale was one of the signatories to Magna Carta.  Like all families it has had its ups and downs and several times had to sell off all its treasures.    Completely surrounded by a moat the setting is truly magical, the gardens were stunning, and we all thoroughly enjoyed our visit.

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