Spanish Post Beginners ( was Spanish Beginners 1)

Co-ordinator Judy Austin
Telephone 01280 814864
Weekday Monday ( not on Bank Holidays!)
Time 14:30 – 16:00
Venue House

About the group

We are a group of seven, including the helper, me! We are currently in the middle of Talk Spanish , book 2 and we occasionally listen to Michel Thomas CDs. The group can now have simple conversations and a regular question and answer session also helps everyone to practise speaking , a session which usually generates some teasing and jokes. Also I set homework!

Half way through the afternoon we have a break with tea /coffee and biscuits and a chat in English and there is usually more laughter.

We would welcome one new member who can speak some Spanish but we can only squash eight people round the table ! If you are interested contact Judy Austin 01280 814864

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