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Guidance from TAT

Risk Assessment

National U3A guidance on Risk Assessments is that they strongly advise that group coordinators carry out Risk Assessments/Checklists prior to commencing a group – members are entitled to assume that a U3A activity they are invited to take part in is safe for them to do so.

The best way to ensure this is to undertake a Risk Assessment/Checklist which will allow you to identify and deal with any obvious danger as well as recording the process you have been through.  Risk Assessments/Checklists will vary in complexity depending on the activity being assessed.

Please remember you are not expected to be an expert in compiling such documents but it is correct for common sense to be applied to each activity to ensure any obvious dangers are dealt with.

Remember in exceptional circumstances, one possible outcome of undertaking a Risk Assessment/checklist is that the activity does not take place.

It is the responsibility of the group coordinator to complete the appropriate risk assessment and to ensure that members have completed the personal assessment, but they do not need to see them.

U3A-KMS-FRM-016 Personal Members’ Checklist (Pre-attendance)

U3A-KMS-FRM-014 General U3A Activity Risk Assessment Checklist in Covid-19 20210217

U3A-KMS-FRM-012 Walk Leader Risk Assessment Checklist June 2020

U3A-KMS-FRM-002 Venue Risk Assessment Checklist June 2020

U3A-KMS-FRM-001 Incident Report Form Template

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