Relax with Recorders

Co-ordinator Jo Taylor
Telephone 01280 812651
Weekday Mondays every 2 weeks for 1.5 hours ( Currently inactive contact co-ordinator if you are interested)
Time 11.00 am
Venue House

About the group

Relax with Recorders was formed with a very flexible format.  Players included those learning the recorder for the first time, returning to the recorder after a long interval, adapting to the recorder from another wind instrument, adapting to a different sized recorder or who just wished to play for fun without participating in public performances.

We had an enthusiastic influx of players in September 2017 who rapidly gained in confidence and all of whom have now joined the Recorder Group (see webpage).  Numbers in Relax with Recorders have therefore dwindled and it has been decided to temporarily suspend it pending further interest.  It can very easily restart, so if you are thinking of taking up the recorder for the first time or returning to it after many years do get in touch.

Whichever instrument you play we will probably be able to put together a small group which covers players of descant, treble, tenor and bass instruments so the full ensemble experience will be possible and you will be able to enjoy the  pleasure of music-making.  We will play a variety of music suitable for beginners upwards.  It could include some of the more accessible repertoire of the Recorder Group.

A small number of descant, treble and tenor recorders are available to try or to borrow.

Relax with Recorders has close links with the Recorder Group. Both groups welcome new members who are able to read a basic line of music.  If you would like to know more about the groups please contact Jo or Helen (Recorder Group).

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