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U3A Trips – non members Attention Group Co-ordinators

I am sure you are all doing this anyway but the committee have asked me to re-iterate that non-members and children are not allowed on any trips. (Including walks)

Non-members can attend a group as a taster before joining but this does not apply to trips.

The insurers thinking on this is that the risk from trips is far higher that that from a static group hence their ruling.

If a non-member wants to go on a trip then they will have to join. £15 is not much for a whole year.

Membership cards

From September your membership cards will be emailed to you, or if you do not have access to email a copy will be posted to you.

Note that the email option is preferred!

If you can print this then you can cut out the membership card, or you can save it to your mobile phone.

Here is the image of the card

Membership card

Buckingham & Stowe Times

In 1571 a family by the name of Temple moved into Stowe, just a couple of miles from Buckingham where they were to remain for the next 350 years. During that time; they built a magnificent, world-famous, house and garden, became one of the most powerful and wealthy families in the land and changed their name to Temple-Grenville.

Following an initiative from the Buckingham and District U3A, a unique collaboration has taken place between a small group of U3A members and the Stowe House Preservation Trust to produce this short booklet, “The Buckingham and Stowe Times”. The booklet tells of the close association that existed between the town and the aristocrats at the great house.

Described by readers as “an enjoyable and enlightening read”, the publication shows that, even though the Temple-Grenville family no longer lives at Stowe, their legacy continues to influence the shape and landscape of this lovely market town. It describes the many important buildings, including amongst others, the Old Gaol, the Old Town Hall and the Parish church, which were built by the Temple-Grenvilles and continue today to decorate Buckingham. It also describes the close connections between the town and the family in the past; how they controlled the politics of the borough and employed much of the population of the town.

The booklet has been distributed free of charge to local schools, Buckingham library and other local bodies. Copies can be purchased from the Old Gaol bookshop or at Stowe House for £2.00.

We found it very interesting! Derek Morgan – Webmaster