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News for Networks

The May 2022 edition of “News for Networks” – the newsletter of Network
Link – has been published.
You can see it by clicking on this link:
More information on about Network Link can be found on the Networks page
on the u3a website at
and there is a link to sign up to receive News for Networks three times
a year.
The next Network Link Zoom meeting is on 22nd June, and the programme
will include items on Subject and Peer Support Networks, plus breakout
rooms where you can meet people from other Networks.  I know (because I
am keeper of the attendance list!) that several of you have already
signed up.    If you would like to register to attend, or need more
information, do contact me on the special email address

The Alina Orchestra Upcoming events ( NB 4th June cancelled)

Saturday 21st May, 11am, The Radcliffe Centre, Church Street, Buckingham
Come and Sing! – Join us on 21st May as we celebrate 70 years of the Queen’s reign by coming together to sing songs from all of the decades from the 1950s right up to today including songs by The Beatles, Bob Marley, Queen, Adele, Lady Gaga and Dean Martin.
Thursday 2nd June, 7:30pm, St Edburg’s Church, Bicester

Music for a Royal Occassion – Join Alina Orchestra, led by Musical Director, Hilary Davan Wetton, as we celebrate Her Majesty The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

‘Music for a Royal Occasion’ featuring Handel’s Water Music and other ceremonial pieces by Elgar, Boyce and Walton, featuring soprano, Jessica Wise singing ‘Let the Bright Seraphim’.

Saturday 4th June, 7:30pm, The Radcliffe Centre, University of Buckingham
Music from the Royal Courts – This programme of festive and ceremonial music celebrates the contribution of many of the Masters of the Queens and Kings music.
Sadly cancelled

May 2-9 DEAF AWARENESS WEEK  An Invitation!

The Winslow Big Society Hard of Hearing Group is keen to reach out in the Winslow and surrounding area to more people with hearing problems. 1 in 5 people are said to suffer in this way.

We would particularly like to invite people to come along to our May Get Together that is being held in Winslow Community Library 2.30-4 pm on Thursday 5th May

This month it will be a friendly exchange of ideas and experiences with a bit of basic BSL thrown in. There is no charge, and all are welcome. Refreshments are served! ‘Hearers’ interested in Deafness issue are very welcome as are those with a specialist interest.

Contact Diana Slevin 07803 174583