News from the Recorder Group

Membership   The Recorder Group has been meeting successfully on a socially distanced basis at their new venue of Lace Hill Community Centre since the summer of 2021.  During that time we have welcomed some additional members.  We now feel that we have reached the maximum number that can be safely accommodated while socially distanced.  Reluctantly we have decided, on a temporary basis, not to accept new members until the Covid situation improves.  A waiting list has been established.  Prospective new members are invited to contact the Group Coordinator for further information.  It remains the case that, if there is a demand, an informal group of beginners/ returners to playing may be set up on an alternative day.

Live Performances!  Members of the Recorder Group gave four Christmas Concerts in December.  A small group made a very well received return to Gracewell Care Home.  Another small group enjoyed providing music to accompany the Tree Festival at St Edburg’s Church in Bicester.  Diners at the St Peter and St Paul Christmas Lunch sang along with enthusiasm and a large group enjoyed entertaining visitors at Stowe.

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