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Recorder Group reforms as two groups in a new venue!

The recorder players have continued to play during lockdown on zoom and in garden groups.  We have acquired several new members and now have a wide range of skills. We have reformed into 2 groups which accommodate the range of abilities and also allow players to play in both groups but on different instruments!   Once a month the two groups will come together to make one large ensemble under an experienced conductor.

We have been fortunate to obtain a new venue and will now be meeting on Wednesdays at Lace Hill Community and Leisure Centre at 9.30 am and 11 am.  We expect our first Lace Hill meeting in the new format to be on 21st July, Covid permitting.

For more information please go to the revised group page  which includes contact details.

Helen Preston

Singing for fun restart revised

I am viewing this as starting up a NEW group. Your ability to actually sing is by no means a prerequisite to joining the group.

Unfortunately, it looks like the Delta Indian variant has defeated us for a few more weeks.

I am revising the start to Thursday 22nd July 2021 at 2.00pm.

Please keep monitoring this page for further information.

We will get there one day.

Regardless of whether you are an existing member of the group, I am looking for input / feedback to starting up the group. Is the day and time suitable? Is the venue suitable? Is the start date OK?

You can find my email address in the SINGING FOR FUN group page.

Arthur Newman

Ambling Group (edit)

The Ambling group has been disbanded, Ann, the GC has decided to step down. The Group ran successfully for many years, but with member’s mobility needs changing and several group members moving away, the remaining members decided their needs would be best served through a small friendship group operating outside the U3A structure. Contact the Group Liaison Officer if you wish to start a new Ambling Group.

Newsletter Express & Virtual U3A

Newsletter express


We invite you to join us the Virtual U3A for the ‘U3ADay 2021′ the  first ever promotion for u3a to sell itself to the general public.

Today, we are opening up our website for you to say hello, or explore and learn how our wiki site works. (Take a look at our public wiki

There will be guest book where you will be able to log on and ask questions or make general comments.

There will be a Zoom room where you can talk directly to a member who will demonstrate how the wiki is used.

To find out more visit our website

We look forward to meeting you all

 vU3A Team