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A Little Humour

A) I am amazed at the number of professions and occupations listed, and B) intrigued and / or mystified by the possible origins of the nouns, (except for the one for professors of course).

None of these however match one I read recently relating to the current trend for on line meetings. The collective noun for people sitting in front of screens engaged in a meeting is a “punnet”. Why? Because they are sat zoomers.

See you next Wednesday for the open meeting.

A troupe of acrobats
A cast, a company, a condescension, a cry
or a queue of actors
A troupe, a flight (male) or a float (female)
of dancers
An entrance of actresses on
A decanter or a decorum of deans
A conflagration of arsonists
A tantrum of decorators
An amalgam, a brace or a wince of dentists
A rash of dermatologists
A tabernacle of bakers
A set or a subtlety of designers
A babble of barbers
A promise of barmen
A doctrine of doctors
A thought of barons
An obstruction of dons
A boast or a wiggery of barristers
An asylum, a fagot or a roll of drummers
A shower of bastards
A pound of Englishmen
A prance of equestrians
A fighting of beggars
A discord or a panel of experts
A bench, a psalter or a sea of bishops
A plush or a rascal of boys
A drift, an exaggeration, a grumble or a sulk
of fishermen
A stalk of foresters
A feast of brewers
A peck of Frenchmen
A shuffle of bureaucrats
A goring of butchers
A talent of gamblers
A draught or a sneer of butlers
A glitter of generals
A slate of candidates
A helix of geneticists
A chapter or a dignity of canons
A conglomerate or a formation of geologists
A company or a syndicate of capitalists
A plane of geometrists
A college of cardinals
A giggle of girls
A gaggle of censors
A lie or a tedium of golfers
A board or a brood of chess players
A slither of gossip columnists
A rookery or a school of clerks
A galaxy of governesses
An alley or a pratfall of clowns
A fortitude of graduate students
A cutting or a drunkship of cobblers
A conjunction of grammarians
A gaggle or a riot of comedians
A nag or a wisdom of grandparents
A colhose of communists
A grope of groupies
A hastiness of cooks
A shrivel of critics
A smear of gynaecologists
A set or a swish of hairdressers
An illusion of magicians
A herd of harlots
A melody of harpists
A rage of maidens
A debauchery of hedonists
A number or a set of mathematicians
An expectation of heirs
A riches of matrons
An observance of hermits
A morbidity of majors
A trip of hippies
A density of meatheads
A clutch or a torque of mechanics
A diligence of messengers
A laughter of hostellers
An amalgamation of metallurgists
A shower of meteorologists
A colony of microbiologists
An expectation of midwives
A slouch of models
A consternation of mothers
A mutter of mothers-in-law
A mug or a reflection of narcissists
A multiply or an unhappiness of husbands
A blur of Impressionists
An imposition of in-laws
A squeal of nieces
A tongue-lashing of interpreters
A freeze of Northerners
A pint of Irishmen
A convent, a murmur, a flap, a superfluity
or a prey of nuns
A wheeze of joggers
A mess or an execution of officers
A scoop or a slant of journalists
A sentence of judges
A neverthriving of jugglers
A brace or a cast of orthopaedists
A damning of jurors
A joint of osteopaths
A banner or a rout of knights
A curse, an illusion or a misbelief of painters
A disputation, an eloquence, an escheat, a greed, a huddle or a quarrel of lawyers
An embarrassment or a persistence of parents
A drift of lecturers
A body of pathologists
A malapertness of pedlars
A catalogue, a stack or a shush of librarians
A meter of percussionists
A confusion or a ponder of philosophers
A billow or a hack of smokers
A flood or a flush of plumbers
A disguising or a proud showing of tailors
An iamb, an obscurity or a rhyme of poets
A promise of tapsters
A quiz of teachers
A lie, an equivocation or an odium of politicians
A glozing of taverners
A converting, a lechery or a mass of preachers
An attitude or a grunt of teenagers
A discretion of priests
A den, a gang or a skulk of thieves
A gang or a pity of prisoners
A wandering of tinkers
A pomposity of professors
A graft of tree surgeons
An unction of undertakers
A complex of psychologists
A sprig of vegetarians
A twaddle of public speakers
A prudence of vicars
A blaze or a conflagration of pyromaniacs
An absence, an indifference or an order of waiters
A series of radiologists
An amble of walkers
A flight of refugees
A pan of reviewers
An ambush of widows
A mêlée of rioters
A coven of witches
An impatience of wives
A sample of salesmen
A rout of schoolboys
A clutch or a crunch of wrestlers
A scolding of seamstresses
A worship of writers
An obeisance of servants
A sodom of shepherds
A posse of sheriffs
A blackening of shoemakers
A crush of shoppers