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U3A Trips – non members Attention Group Co-ordinators

I am sure you are all doing this anyway but the committee have asked me to re-iterate that non-members and children are not allowed on any trips. (Including walks)

Non-members can attend a group as a taster before joining but this does not apply to trips.

The insurers thinking on this is that the risk from trips is far higher that that from a static group hence their ruling.

If a non-member wants to go on a trip then they will have to join. £15 is not much for a whole year.

Classical Music in Buckingham December 1st

The Adderbury Ensemble are back to the Radcliffe Centre, Buckingham (Saturdays at 19:30) to play more very fine string quartets, a Piano Quintet and a Duet for Cello and Bass. Full programme and venue details are  on the home page of their website at the link below.

Concert Details

Buckingham Choral Society

Not Buckingham but worh a look in the new year! MK City Orchestra

Don’t Forget Music for Pleasure Group


Renewal Notice for U3A Membership

Renewal Notice for U3A Membership

From 1 October, it has been decided to send your membership cards by email and by ordinary mail only to those without email access. The email may be printed at home or saved on your mobile devices. The new subscription rate also comes into effect.

If you paid us in the past by bank transfer or standing order to

CAF Bank: sort 40 – 52 – 40         Account 00008412      or

Lloyds Bank: Sort 30 – 63 – 97    Account 22188268,

please cancel or ask your bank to cancel this instruction urgently and replace it as follows. Failure to act on this will mean extra administration of chasing you for the shortfall in subscription.

New Standing Order and subscription rates:

Lloyds Bank Sort:                             30 – 63 – 97                  Account 24773360             Account Name: Buckingham & District U3A Subs

Start date: 1 October 2018

Recommended reference to identify your payment: U3A – followed by your membership number(s), e.g. U3A 9999 or for joint payments U3A 9998-9999.

Amount to be paid annually is £15 per member or £11.50 if you are a member of another U3A and paying its full fee. A joint fee may be paid by adding together fees for all members residing at same address.

We face great deal of difficulty handling cash as we have to provide proof of payment, which creates long queues at open meetings and has the potential of making an untraceable mistake. Therefore, it has been decided that we will no longer accept cash payments.

If you pay by cheque, please bear in mind that such payments tend to be spread unnecessarily over a long period unless paid on time on or before 1 October, often require reminders, and administratively very time consuming. We strongly advise a standing order be set up with your bank as above. If paying by cheque add your membership number and postcode at the back.

Deadline for renewals is 31 October 2018. If you are renewing after the deadline and do not have an email address, provide a self-address STAMPED envelope with your cheque. There will be a grace of two further months for late renewals after which your membership will be suspended, i.e. from 1 January 2019.

Mr Janti Mistry (Membership Secretary)