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AGM 2017: Live streaming

AGM 2017: Live streaming

The live stream is open to all.
Dear members, We are looking forward to welcoming many of you to the conference, and, for the first time, to give those who are unable to attend the chance to watch the AGM live on the internet. This live streaming will enable all you who wish to hear and see what is happening at the AGM, and to listen to the morning presentation before and the constitutional discussion after.
To access the AGM live stream, visit Access Live Stream on 31st August. The whole day will be broadcast, so tune in from around 9am to catch the morning speaker,  Jo Coleman.
The full programme is available at Conference Programme.

This link is the first time we have tried to engage with members in this way, and we hope once we have learned the lessons of what works well and what needs to improve, to offer more accessibility to members in this way. We are now settled into Lant Street, and have had our first visitor, and hope to see many more of you if you are visiting London.

AGM Agenda Amendment

Please note the following amendment to item 5 which now reads: To appoint Knox Cropper as the Auditors and to authorise the Executive Committee to set the remuneration. To further authorise the Executive Committee to put the audit to tender and create an Audit Committee to manage the tender process.