Summer Schools 2017

Summer Schools 2017

This year we are running three National Summer Schools and currently we have places on :
Summer School 1 – Harper Adams University, Newport, Shropshire  – 17-20 July History of the Workhouse
Literature – Elizabeth Gaskell
Sexuality in the Ancient World
Summer School 2 – Royal Agricultural University, Cirencester – 14-17 August
Creative Writing – Erotic Genre
Literature – Dickens & Great Expectations
Music Before the Microchip
Summer School 3 – Royal Agricultural University – Cirencester – 11-14 September History – Law & Order in Anglo-Saxon England
Opera  of the ‘Early Romantic’ Period
The Russian Revolutions a Hundred Years



Secrets of Staying Sharp… In Later Life U3A Royal Society Healthy Ageing Lecture 2017


Members of your U3A are invited to attend:


Secrets of Staying Sharp….In Later Life

Wednesday, June 7, 2017 from 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM – £17 per ticket

U3A Royal Society Healthy Ageing Lecture 2017 in association with The European Alliance for the Brain.
Professor Ian Deary, Professor of Differential Psychology, Director, MRC Centre for Cognitive Ageing and Cognitive Epidemiology University of Edinburgh. Professor Deary is an entertaining and informative speaker, familiar to some U3A members. He will explore the reasons why some people’s brains and thinking skills age better than others, as described in The Disconnected Mind, a research project which is helping to find some answers.

Wellcome Lecture Theatre

The Royal Society

6 – 9 Carlton House Terrace

London, SW1

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SE Region U3As Creative Writing Workshop


SE Region U3As Creative Writing Workshop

Thursday, June 8, 2017 from 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM

The Workshop will cover the basics of creative writing. It is suitable for those new to writing or as a refresher for the more experienced. Led by Marcia Humphries, U3A National Adviser for Creative Writing & Jo Brooks, U3A Creative Writing Group Convenor Cost, including buffet lunch, £10 per person. Workshop is initially limited to 2 delegates from each U3A. Contact Hilvary Robinson for more information.

Hextable Village Hall

College Road

Hextable, BR8 7LT

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National Conference & AGM 2017 29th-31st August

Working together for a great future.

We are a network of energy, enthusiasm and great ideas. We are looking forward to a conference of discussion and innovation. Everyone will be involved in discussions and workshops which will hope will be lively and full of ideas and experiences, bringing the best of our network to the future. We have been set a challenge by our founder to reach the next 1000 U3As, we need to keep our current network strong, and attract the membership for the future. The conference will be an opportunity to bring forward your experiences, as well as talk through some of the daily operational matters that face U3As. We will have some great speakers too. Please come and join the discussion.

East Midlands Conference Centre Nottingham


Project Street Life update

The lovely folk of the Craft Group have donated £45 to Project Street life. Many thanks folks. The sales table and donation box have raised £36. thanks to Margaret Ellis.. We have also collected a one shilling piece, One Hong Kong dollar, a US dime and one spanish cent.. Still to come. We will have raffles in July and December, Produce stall in September and the Quiz on sale in November.

 WARNING. Do not forget. The current one pound coin will cease to be legal tender in October so get rid of them in the donations box before then.


On-Line security Be aware.

  • This is a excerpt from an article in an on-line newsletter that I subscribe to.
  • Don’t open up Word documents you weren’t expecting. So often in these targeted attacks, the attacker uses a Word document attached to an email as an entry point. Modern versions of Outlook are no longer vulnerable in the preview pane, but opening up a document you were not anticipating should never be the first thing you do. I often tell people at ransomware presentations I give that, to the best of my knowledge, I know of no malicious software that goes after both Windows platforms and phone platforms at the same time.Thus if you are ever in doubt over opening an email attachment, take the phone out of your pocket and launch the potentially unknown file on your phone, and not on your computer.
    If you have as I hope you do have a spam checker on your PC, save the attachment and scan it.
  • Don’t follow links to unknown places Often in these targeted attacks an email will come in enticing the use to click on a link. In the Grizzly Steppe attacks, malicious web pages that were inserted pretending to be Outlook Web access web sites and were used to harvest credentials. I often see emails coming into my inbox indicating that my apple iTunes need to be reset, my Google credentials are no good, or my email access has been limited until I enter in my user name and password. Here’s a rule of thumb: Whenever you get such an email, stop and think if it makes sense to receive it.
  • Watch for targeted emails The Grizzly Steppe attacks used several techniques to target, among them social engineering: sending emails with unique subject lines and attachments that would be enticing to the person that the emails were sent to.
  • Protect other people If you are sending emails to lots of people use the BCC (Blind copy) so that you don’t reveal those email addresses to everybody!


Designated charity for 2017 is Project Street Life

 PSL has been running in Buckingham for over 15 years. It is a very active organisation for young people aged 10 to 16. It meets each week and offers a variety of interests, from the arts to table tennis,  hockey and cake making, (It runs the Buckingham Bake Off each year). It aims to be part of the community, developing social skills and self esteem in an alcohol and drug free environment
Leaflets on Project Street Life will be availlable at all general meetings.