AGM 2017: Live streaming

AGM 2017: Live streaming

The live stream is open to all.
Dear members, We are looking forward to welcoming many of you to the conference, and, for the first time, to give those who are unable to attend the chance to watch the AGM live on the internet. This live streaming will enable all you who wish to hear and see what is happening at the AGM, and to listen to the morning presentation before and the constitutional discussion after.
To access the AGM live stream, visit Access Live Stream on 31st August. The whole day will be broadcast, so tune in from around 9am to catch the morning speaker,  Jo Coleman.
The full programme is available at Conference Programme.

This link is the first time we have tried to engage with members in this way, and we hope once we have learned the lessons of what works well and what needs to improve, to offer more accessibility to members in this way. We are now settled into Lant Street, and have had our first visitor, and hope to see many more of you if you are visiting London.

AGM Agenda Amendment

Please note the following amendment to item 5 which now reads: To appoint Knox Cropper as the Auditors and to authorise the Executive Committee to set the remuneration. To further authorise the Executive Committee to put the audit to tender and create an Audit Committee to manage the tender process.

Newsletter Editor Help!

As you may be aware, I’m stepping down from the role of newsletter editor after completion of the December 2017 issue. If this is something you think you’d like to take over, or you know someone who would be good in the role, please let me know. I’m happy to spend some time with a willing volunteer, to go through the processes and show you how I produce it.

Thanks and regards,


Take the survey

The National Research sub-Committee, with the regional research project advisers, has been looking at ways of encouraging research as an activity for new, or existing, groups within individual U3As.   We have come up with the idea of a national survey, on a topic of current interest, which will  provide a basis on which a number of other research projects can be run.   The survey, in the form of a short questionnaire, asks “What are the factors that should determine your right to retain your driving licence?”.   The hundreds of thousands of U3A members are potentially affected by this issue and the survey is a unique opportunity for you to provide your views. To complete the survey click the ‘Take the survey’ link (either at the beginning or the end).  Your response will, of course, be completely anonymous. Please forward this to any of your members who may be interested in completing the survey.   An initial analysis of the results will be published, but the idea is to provide the full results and the underlying data to U3As with ideas and suggestions of what kind of further research may be undertaken, though we expect there will be a great deal of local initiative.    Research is an interesting and rewarding way of working with others, learning new skills, developing ideas, coming up with questions and finding answers – and usually more questions!  Assistance will be available to help where research is an unfamiliar activity.   We hope that this survey will stimulate interest in research and provide yet another way for you to learn, laugh and live.    Your help in making this survey a success is very much appreciate.   Regards Tony Randall and Robert Hodge National Research sub-Committee

Take the survey


This is an email from the Independent Cinema Office (ICO). In collaboration with the British Film Institute they are presenting Britain on Film on Tour – a brand new series of archive film programmes featuring extraordinary treasures from archives across the UK, available to the British public for the first time.

After one of the largest pieces of film preservation and restoration ever undertaken, Britain on Film on Tour reveals new and unseen stories from as early as 1897. This wide and diverse range of material opens up local and regional histories from across the UK

The ICO is a registered charity who exist to bring non-commercial films to audiences who may not normally have access to them. The aim of Britain on Film on Tour is not to make a profit – it is to ensure these films reach greater, more diverse audiences. While the films will be programmed into cinemas across the UK, for us it is just as important that screenings are organised and enjoyed by community and voluntary groups.

For this reason, we would be delighted if South East U3As would consider showing films from the programme to their members. We would be happy to make films from this tour available to South East U3As to hire for just £20+VAT – a reduction of 80% of the commercial rate.

You could use the film as part of your regular group programmes (e.g. history, film, etc), or as a special one-off event. We also have no stipulation on whether you charge audiences for tickets, so you are welcome to screen the film for a fundraising event for general funds or a specific campaign. We would just encourage you to screen this film in a way that would genuinely benefit your organisation.

Please see below for details of films currently available to book. All films are available on DVD or Blu-Ray and come with FREE programme notes for audiences. The films are available for booking throughout 2017/18.
More information on the tour can be viewed here contact the ICO directly:

New Committee Members Required (update).

 It is now only three months to the end of our U3A year. 3 members of the committee will be leaving so we need members to stand for the roles of:

 Vice Chairman, Secretary, Newsletter Editor

 Our U3A is extremely successful with a current membership of over 850. Please think about putting yourself forward for one of these roles or persuading someone you know to stand.