Spanish Revision

Co-ordinator Judy Austin
Telephone 01280 814864
Weekday Tuesday
Time 14:00
Venue House

About the group

We are a lively group of eight members, four men and four women. We can all read and translate everyday Spanish such as that found in magazine articles and simple short stories but our speaking abilities differ.
During the first hour of the meeting the host organises something for us to do: perhaps read a short story or a magazine article, occasionally a comprehensionĀ  piece with questions or a translation from English to Spanish and if it’s at my house, grammar! We then break for tea and biscuits before our Spanish teacher (she is Colombian) arrives. We have a different theme to talk about every week. Sandra starts us off and then, in turns, we each make our contributions which often lead to lively and amusing discussions. There is always a lot of laughter! Our conversations have ranged over a number of topics such as descriptions of family members and their characteristics, holiday memories, favourite books and films, music, and even the onesĀ to avoid, religion and politics!

At Christmas or New Year we either have a lunch in a restaurant or take home -made food to the house of one of our members, Spanish food and wine, of course!

As there are nine of us , including our teacher, it might be difficult to accommodate new members but at holiday times we are sometimes reduced to three people, so it’s always worth ‘phoning up to see if there is a space for you!

Judy Austin

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