Spanish Revision

Co-ordinator Noel Stacy Noel Stacey
Telephone 01280 821 825
Weekday Tuesday
Time 14:00
Venue House

About the group

In February 2013 this group has 5 members, having lost members at intervals through the previous year. It is a minimum number to operate reasonably well as members are not always there on account of holidays and other commitments.
More members would be very welcome if this group is to have the prospect of functioning in the medium term.
In late autumn of 2012 we have had a native Spanish speaker come to talk to us for an hour a week and generally improve our ability, and this arrangement is likely to continue for a short time at least. It has been helpful, and, for listening and speaking, invaluable.
It would seem that U3A members find themselves either already too proficient in the language for this group to be appropriate, or fear being unable to cope with the (not high) level of our members, and possibly have a dread of being bottom of the class whereas current members would be happy to be supportive as we are all struggling in one way or another.
Alternatively, is a re-ordering of the two Spanish groups appropriate?

Revised 16 March 2013

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