Co-ordinator Don Horne Don Horne
Telephone 01280 813 587
Weekday 2nd and 4th Tuesday
Time 10:15 – 11:30
Venue Buckingham Centre

About the group

The Philosophy Group meets twice monthly and has a membership of about 25. Normally about 18 people turn up for meetings. The full title of the group is Philosophy, Politics and Economics; or for short PPE. This gives a very wide base for talks, debates and discussions. The following are the topics at meeting between September 2016 and July 2017

13-Sep-16     UK degrees give graduates debts up to £645,000 after 30 years and 59% of grads low- paid non-grad jobs.

27-Sep-16     “Could we talk about religion: what is faith?”

11-Oct-16     Proverbs & Sayings

25-Oct-16     Philosophy “In the beginning”

8-Nov-16      “Why do 1% of the world’s people own 50% of the world’s wealth and 71% of the people own 3% of the wealth?”

22-Nov-16    Plato’s Phaedo in the form of a symposium

13-Dec-16     Aristotle: Equality & Diversity

10-Jan-17      Frankpledge – shared responsibility

24-Jan-17      Flat Earth News – the media

14-Feb-17     “Thoughts on Perception”

28-Feb-17     Henry David Thoreau: ‘How to disagree with your government’

14-Mar-17     Topics from the headlines

28-Mar-17     Chinese Philosophy

11-Apr-17     The philosophy of Theresa May

25-Apr-17     “Our democracy – how’s it doing?”

9-May-17      “Freedom”

23-May-17    “A further look at democracy”

13-Jun-17      General discussion

27-Jun-17      “Mindfulness as a Contemporary Phenomenon”

11-Jul-17       “Pericles”

25-Jul-17       Annual Lunch

Meetings will resume on 12th September 2017


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