Open Meetings

Meetings take place at 14:30 in the Community Centre, Cornwalls Meadow,
Buckingham, MK18 1RP on the following Wednesdays.

You can view a map of the location here.


Jan 25th Fantastic Falklands
Richard Revels
Feb 22nd Two Kinds of Teardrops
Mike Grillo
Mar 22nd Zimbabwe – the  Jewel of Africa
Jill Reeve – Johnson
REPORT ON MARCH’S OPEN MEETINGJill Reve-Johnson Gave an interesting talk titled Zimbabwe, jewel of Africa. She started by showing stone age drawings, thousands of years old and explained its history right up to today. First occupied by the Zulus ,David Livingtone was the first white man to see and name Victoria Falls, he was followed by many europeans who split Africa up trying to find gold and diamonds. Cecil Rhodes was an early settler and he made an agreement to take over the country, naming it Rhodesia. In more recent times, Robert Mugabe has become President. Jill then showed some superb slides of Zambabwi including pictures of the Victoria Falls and  the wildlife of the country. A delightful afternoon.
Apr 26th Journey Into Mind (part 2)
Alan Wise

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