French Intermediate

Co-ordinator Don Horne
Telephone 01280 813587
Weekday Alternate Wednesday
Time 10.30
Venue Ask co-ordinator

About the group

We meet on alternate Wednesday mornings from 10.30-12.30 at each other’s houses. We chat (in English) for 20 minutes or so over coffee and biscuits and then begin work. We use the text book French Experience 2 and one of our members, an ex-French teacher, leads the group and helps us with grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. She sets us homework which we prepare and then share at the next meeting, resulting in lively question and answer sessions. Every meeting is fun, with amusing anecdotes and true stories, told in French of course!

We have recently welcomed several new members and are now a group of 10. This seems to be the maximum that we can comfortably squeeze into each of our homes, but our circumstances may change so if you are interested please contact me as above.


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